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Date: 08072021 Iteration of feedback

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I’ve worked with multiple diverse teams over the past years–from group of friends, classmates, bunch of strangers, to workplace teams. Along with the diversity of the teams also comes different work and communicatino dynamics, so you never know what to expect with each team.

I really value the importance of giving feedback. Our words are too powerful to impart things callously. I’ve seen people give feedback differently, and I think there’s no super perfect formula into giving it because people are so unpredictable and subjective. I adjust my approach, but what I always seek to maintain is to relay feedback in a constructive manner that helps a person move forward concretely.

A common argument against taking a very systematic and calculated approach is that we take away the directness of things. However, directness just isn’t an excuse to be an asshole. You can find balance into creating safe spaces , psychological safety , and being candid.

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