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Becoming a better ally with MakeSense

Last updated February 13, 2022


Practice tips

  1. Educate yourself
    • It’s your burden, no one else’s
    • Look up on different readings to take up the initiative to learn about different people
  2. Listen
    • More than you talk
    • active-listening, reflective listening
    • Best way we can learn how we can help
    • Nuances of privilege
      • If you felt like you had adequate access to healthy food growing up
      • If you feel comfortable being emotionally expressive/ open
      • If your parents or guardians attended college
      • if you studied the culture or the history of your ancesotrs in elementary school
      • if one of your parents have never been laid off or unemployed against their choice
      • If you have enver taken our loans for your education
  3. Step back
  4. Self-reflect
    • Circle of accountability
  5. Speak out!
  6. Ask for help
    • We are affected by information gaps & we do not know everything about how to treat people & a certain group
  7. Take action
    • Be more deliberate
  8. Don’t try to be perfect
    • & get comfy with the uncomfy

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