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Last updated February 13, 2022



Product mngmt vs project management


Prioritization matters. Prioritize properly to ship faster & get feedback faster.

Impact Effort Framework

Moscow method

Scrum Basics


  1. Sprint planning
    1. What can be delivered as part of the product imprement in the upcoming sprint?
      • By this week, (something)
      • Setting the overall goal
    2. How will the work needed to deliver the product increment be achieved
  2. Daily standups
    • 10-15 minutes to check in sprint
    • Samples
      • How are you feeling today?
      • Yesterday, I…
      • Today, I will…
      • Any blockers?
  3. Sprint review
    • Midpoint of script, celebrating small wins
    • Discuss as a team–what has been done so far
    • Product demos–feedback & comments, if needed
  4. Retrospective
    1. What went well
    2. What did not go well
    3. What can we do better
    4. Action items

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