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Partnership Press Release

Personal Notes

  1. What is the partnership about?
  2. How does this benefit the people? How does this amplify each company?
  3. What are the details included? What are the specifics of the partnership? What are the concrete actions that will take place from now on?
  4. How does this affect the industry and beneficiaries?
  5. What are some quotes by related parties?
  6. Where can people refer to?


Elements from Meltwater2

  1. The ==reasons== for this partnership - and the synergy between the companies in question
  2. The benefits of this partnership for the companies concerned and their customers
  3. The ==concrete actions== that will result from this partnership

Elements from Allbusiness3

  1. Title
    • The title should state the name of ==both parties== who are involved. In choosing how to order, it depends, but a general rule of thumb is to choose the ==bigger== one first.
  2. First sentence
    • The first sentence of a press release should establish ==what the partnership is about==.
  3. Second paragraph
    • The second paragraph provides a more detailed explanation.
  4. Show market impact or state of industry
    • This usually should come into ==two paragraphs==. Note that in doing this, you should write while keeping in mind that you should ==look for an opportunity to position your product==.
  5. Quotes are a must-have
  6. Conclusion and contact information
    • This is likely a round up along with contact information.

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