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From: 4 Ps of Marketing - Templates | Tettra

  1. Product
    • What product or service do we sell?
    • Are there different variations of the product?
    • What are the ==key features== and/or differentiators?
    • What does the packaging look like?
    • What does the ==brand represent==?
    • How do we support and maintain the product over time?
    • What services come with the product?
  2. Pricing
    • What is our pricing?
    • Do we adhere to a specific pricing strategy?
    • Are there different pricing tiers for different feature sets?
    • Is pricing fixed, or do we create a customer price for each customer?
    • Do we offer ==discounts or rebates==?
    • Which ==payment methods== do we accept and which do we prefer?
    • What are the pricing terms?
    • ==Do we offer refunds?==
    • ==How do we compare with competitors’ pricing?==
  3. Promotion
    • How do we ==communicate== with potential customers?
    • Who communicates with them?
    • What channels do we use?
    • ==How frequently== do we communicate with potential customers?
    • ==How do we frame our product and its features?==
    • What is our content strategy?
    • What is our messaging strategy?
    • What is our tone of voice?
  4. Placement
    • Where do we sell our product?
    • Do we focus on domestic and/or international markets?
    • Do we have resellers or other partners involved in the sales process?
    • Where is our product built and/or stored?
    • What channels do we use for product distribution?

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