Intercom start-up marketing

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Key takeaways

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Marketng in year one

Choosing a tactic for your addressable market (see: customer-research )

Finding product marketing fit

I didn’t send one size fits all emails asking people to give us their credit card details. I’d always remind the recipient of how we met and explain why I was emailing them, and then I’d mock up a screenshot of how Intercom would look if they started using it and tailor the message to their use case. You need to constantly be working on marketing tactics that are actually getting people to buy your product.

Start with why ]

Marketing at a product first company

Getting word of mouth for your startup

Content, then marketing


Meet now, conquer now

Marketing for growth and survival

Prioritizing product announcements

Using product marketing to help build product

Life after launch: learning and iterating on your marketing

So you want to build a brand

How people buy your product

Marketing your product to your new customers

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