Building an integrated online marketing plan

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Strategy is single overarching principle.

Business strategy

Knowing who you are

Customers can’t identify your value if you can’t

How to reframe

ServiceHow do you embody or deliver?
QualityWhat makes it better?
InnovationWhat is the value?
My experienceHow does that help the customer?
My educationHow does this help the customer?

Focus on your customer. Customers want value for their money. ==What’s in it for me?==

Ask yourself:

Defining your narrative statement



YouYour teamYour business
How does this statement change your approach?What does this purpose statement mean to you?How can you measure your marketing according to this statement?
How does it work itself out in your customer interactions?How does it work itself out in your customer interactions?How should your marketing language change?
How should your marketing change?How will you change your approach, your language, and outcomes?What can you change today to align?

Identifying emotional needs

Create your value statement

Can you explain your business and customer value benefit in 140 characters?

Target customers

Identifying customer groups

Check: behavioral-segmentation

Creating customer persona

Check: buyer-personas , ux-design , behavioral-segmentation

Creates empathy

Measuring customer lifetime value

Check: notes/lifetime-customer-value

Quantifying customer loyalty

Check: customer-relationship-management . notes/lifetime-customer-value , customer-loyalty


What customers want

Using keywords

Check: marketing-analytics

Affect how people search

Early-stage universal words - Stimulus – awareness - Zero moment of truth – discovery Searching to inform, educate, learn - First moment of truth – consideration - Second moment of truth – experience Specific emotional words - Ultimate moment of truth – shared experiences

Using micromoments

Check: micromoments

Identify business goals and build process

Marketing goals


Acquisition vs engagement


Messaging & objectives

Long-term marketing plan

Purpose of content marketing

Planning content assets

Creating a long-term content calendar

Curating content

Cookies into customers

Getting the big picture


Effective landing pages

Check: google-digital-garage , ux-design

Getting that email address

Stopping the blast

Measure & modify your plan

Measuring the right things

Visualizing your measurement success

Developing a 360 customer profile

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