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Hello! 👋 Thank you so much for being here! In this page, I map out how this garden is structured for ease of navigation. There are a lot of links & backlinks, so it can get confusing! 😵‍💫

Structure 🏛

Digital gardens are composed of notes that are interlinked for the purpose of linking thinking. As such, there are notes inside notes.

I structured my garden in this manner from when you navigate from the homepage. While it does seem linear, all notes are actually interconnected! So you can jump from one note to another and find one note also in another note.

I talk more about the notes system more in gardening-system. Here’s a basic outline of what navigating looks like:


Basically… 🎧

How-to 🤔

Using the Interactive Graph 📈

If you’re still reading this… 💖

I’d just like to say thanks for taking the time to roam around here. 🥺 I hope it inspires someone to start up a digital garden too! 🪴

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